Where can I find SAAB V4 Parts ?

Where can I find SAAB V4 Parts ? 


SAAB specialists such as Malbrad have been trading from Huddersfield since the 19070's.
The owner hsa been working with Saab for many years and has run this place since 1991. During this time he has gained experience on all Saab models (From the 96 all the way to the current range available at SAAB dealerships.

Saab V4 Engine

Malbrad offers a top range service with parts available six days a week either by person or by mail order. (Sent out within 24 hours of receipt) Servicing and repairs are also available here. You can contact the shop on 01484 544556 or visit the website at http://malbrad.co.uk.
They also have a facebook page that you can easily find by searching for Malbrad Saab.


You can also try sites such as www.partsforsaabs.com where you can find a wide range of genuine Saab and aftermarket commonly requested engine parts. This company probably hold the largest in house stock holding of any Saab parts, so you're sure to find everything you need here! 90% of orders placed here are shipped from stock immediately.
You can also reach them on +44 (0)844 800 2742 /2741

Possible bargains..​​​​.

Some parts providers have good offers on at the moment. Sites like https://webshop-uk.saabparts.com are definitely worth checking out before committing to purchase anything.
They are currently running a stock reduction campaign on various genuine Saab parts. 
You can buy some items at well over half price. You may need to check back regularly to find anything listed for a V4.

Not what you're looking for?​​​​

Alternatively if you prefer second hand parts, there is always the option to search ebay or a raneg of boot sale apps, such as Gumtree or Shpock. (Others are available)

You may also want to check in with any local car breakers to see if they have anything laying around in usable condition. You can even request that if something does become available, they notify you.

Websites like www.buycarparts.co.uk may also have parts available if you are searching for something more niche that can not be found at a more standard retail outlet.

These are just a few places where Saab V4 parts and Classic Car Insurance can be found. Each offer a different approach and it is up to you to decide which is the most appropriate location to purchase the parts that you need to get you back on the road

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